Concord Village Community Association

Blade Runners Snow Alert - 3/12/18 - 9:15 am

The snow fall began later than anticipated and is predicted to continue for the next 10 - 12 hours.  Our plan is to start plowing and clearing later this afternoon and evening in hopes we won't have to make as many passes to clear the snow. 

3/12/18 - 4:30 pm update

Now that the snow is drawing to an end there is a mix of rain/snow and rising temperatures in the  area. For this reason we WILL NOT be applying a Ice Control to roadways.  

 Who We Are

Concord Village is a community of 176 town homes in Oakton, Virginia.  The community amenities include a playground, tennis courts, and modest greenways.  The community is also directly adjacent to Blake Lane School Site Park, with large open greenways and multiple playing fields. 

The Community Association exists to maintain the community common areas, provide basic services such as street maintenance and landscaping, and work with the homeowners and residents to communicate information important to the Association members and help protect property values. Every owner of record in Concord Village is a member of the Community Association.

Information about the Community Association can be found on this web site.  Additional inquiries should be directed to our Property Management Firm - POA Management Associates, LLC.  Please see the "Contact Information" page of this web site for further details.